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Milićevo Beach
Milićevo Beach
Our website aims at introducing Island Čiovo's largest settlement, Okrug Gornji. This nicely located settlement, with its coasts looking both to west and south, gained its name in 1991, when Gornji Okrug was renamed to Okrug Gornji.

The long coastline offers various beaches to the lovers of the Adriatic. Out of the major beaches the ones looking to west (Saldun, Rožac, Milićevo) and part of Mavarčica on the south are typical Dalmatian gravel beaches with. At other locations beaches are rocky, partly with concrete terraces. The beaches on the western side are overcrowded in the season, for a more relaxing environment the more distant small bays and coves are recommended - like Tatinja, Duboka, Duva, Kancelirovac, Vela Draga (see our map).

Beach promenade with palm trees
Beach promenade with palm trees
There is a plenty of accommodation offered by apartment buildings that range from luxuriously arranged ones to simple rooms and apartments. Nature lovers can choose from two campsites (Rožac, Labaduša). Daily food and drinks and other household goods can be bought locally in three grocery stores and the greenmarket. On top of these, Okrug Gornji has its own bakery and butcher's shop. Several restaurants welcome their guests in Okrug: Leonardo, Fumija, Duga, Paula, Sirena, Mali raj, Kornića etc. Doctor, dentist, drugstore, post office are all locally available and also, there is an ATM machine of PBZ Bank. Excursion ships depart the harbor to take the vacationers to fish picknicks and other fun travel events and here one can rent boats and speedboats, as well. Service providers are shown on our Okrug map and included in our Okrug web directory.

Out of the historic and cultural monuments in Okrug Gornji proper its three churches stand out. The oldest one is the St. Theodore's with its first known mention from 1439 - this church was built on the grounds of an ancient Croatian church from centuries before the 15 c. The parish church of Okrug is the St. Charles Borromeo's, which preserves its shape from the construction of 1735. The western side of Pantera Bay hides the ruins of the 1630 villa and St. Anthony's Chapel - both belonged to the Rancetin family. The ruins of the medieval Sv. Fumija (St. Euphemia) Monastery lie on the Sv. Fumija Islet, some 200 meters off of Čiovo's and Okrug Gornji's coast.

To learn more about Okrug, please don't miss to visit our photo album, a collection of short videos, the page with Okrug-related links and the map with the landmarks and points of interest of the settlement. The Fjakazero feature of our site will help you to find short trip offers starting in Okrug.

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Events in and around Okrug Gornji

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